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Law Society of Kenya (LSK)

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is the premier bar association in Kenya, comprising over twenty thousand practicing advocates. With a mandate to advise and assist members of the legal profession, the government, and the public, LSK plays a vital role in matters relating to the administration of justice in Kenya.

Law Society of Kenya (LSK)

Established under the Law Society of Kenya Act (Chapter 18 of the Laws of Kenya), LSK has been serving the legal community since its formation in 1948. The current Law Society of Kenya Act, effective from October 30th, 1992, guides our operations. Our primary objectives, as stated in Section 4 of the LSK Act 2014, are as follows:

Assisting the Government and the courts in matters relating to legislation, the administration of justice, and the practice of law in Kenya.

Upholding the Constitution of Kenya and advancing the rule of law and the administration of justice.

Ensuring that all legal practitioners and service providers in Kenya meet the standards of competence and professional conduct appropriate for the services they provide.

Providing assistance to the general public in Kenya on matters relating to or ancillary to the law.

Setting, maintaining, and continuously improving the standards of learning, professional competence, and professional conduct for legal services in Kenya.

Determining, maintaining, and enhancing the standards of professional practice, ethical conduct, and learning for the legal profession in Kenya.

Facilitating the acquisition of legal knowledge by members of the Society, including paralegals, through the promotion of high standards of legal education and training.

Representing, protecting, and assisting members of the legal profession in Kenya concerning the conditions of practice and welfare.

Formulating policies that promote the restructuring of the legal profession in Kenya in line with the spirit, principles, values, and objects of the Constitution of Kenya.

Facilitating the realization of a transformed legal profession that is cohesive, accountable, effective, and independent.

Establishing mechanisms for providing equal opportunities for all legal practitioners in Kenya.

Protecting and promoting the interests of consumers of legal services and the public interest by providing fair, effective, efficient, and transparent procedures for resolving complaints against legal practitioners.

Developing and facilitating adequate training programs for legal practitioners.

Undertaking all other functions incidental or complementary to the above objectives.

Our Strategic Objectives: To achieve our mission and fulfill our mandate, we have identified the following strategic objectives:

Provide transformative member services and welfare.

Improve administrative and governance structures.

Promote the implementation of the constitution, the rule of law, and the administration of justice.

Enhance standards of learning, professional competence, and conduct.

Enhance sound financial, budgeting, and risk management systems.

Our Strategies: To accomplish our strategic objectives, we have devised the following strategies:

Provide responsive welfare conditions and services for our members.

Ensure easy access to LSK products and services.

Enhance communication and engagement with stakeholders.

Promote equal outcomes for all legal practitioners.

Establish adequate physical infrastructure through the construction of a secretariat office block.

Promote openness, transparency, and democratic systems within LSK.

Establish a cohesive and independent legal profession.

Institutionalize performance management systems.

Restructure the organization in line with enabling statutes.

Enhance integrity and the quality of continuous professional development programs.

Improve standards of professional and ethical conduct for the legal profession in Kenya.

Ensure a sustainable structure for acquiring legal knowledge by members and paralegals.

Establish a sustainable funding regime and sound financial management systems.

Align policies to the spirit, principles, values, and objects of the Constitution of Kenya, and develop an internal policy framework that enhances integrity and transparency.

Enhance human resource capacity.

Promote a highly visible Society Brand.

Uphold the independence of the legal profession.

Protect the members of the public in matters relating to law and justice.

Improve access to justice for the general public.

Provide comprehensive legislative and administrative support to the government and the courts to enhance justice.

Ensure the rule of law and fair administration of justice.

Improve professional competence and standards of learning through enhanced training programs.

As the Law Society of Kenya, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession, advancing justice, and serving our members and the public. Together, we strive to build a legal system that fosters equality, fairness, and the rule of law in Kenya.


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