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Harvard African Law Association (HALA)

The Harvard African Law Association (HALA) stands as a vibrant student-run organization at the prestigious Harvard Law School. With a mission to unite students from or interested in Africa, HALA aims to raise awareness about the legal, social, and economic issues that shape and impact the African continent. By fostering a community for law students of African descent and those intrigued by African affairs, HALA provides a platform for intellectual, social, and cultural exchange.

Harvard African Law Association (HALA)

HALA’s guiding principles underpin its commitment to fostering a vibrant community and facilitating open dialogue on African affairs, particularly within the legal realm. The association seeks to:

Facilitate Opportunities for Intellectual, Social, and Cultural Exchange:

HALA provides a space for students interested in Africa to engage in intellectual discussions, social events, and cultural activities. Through these exchanges, members gain a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives and experiences that shape the African continent.

Raise Awareness and Encourage Dialogue on African Affairs:

HALA endeavors to promote open dialogue and create awareness about African affairs, with a specific focus on legal matters, among the Harvard Law School community and its affiliates. By organizing events, demonstrations, panels, and discussions, HALA aims to generate meaningful conversations and foster a greater understanding of Africa’s legal landscape.

Foster Respect and Tolerance for Diversity:

HALA is committed to creating an environment that celebrates diversity and cultivates respect and tolerance in all aspects of its activities. By embracing differences and fostering inclusivity, HALA ensures that its members can freely exchange ideas and perspectives.

Establish and Sustain a Network of Students and Alumni:

HALA strives to create a strong network of law students and alumni who share an interest in African affairs. By connecting current and former members, HALA aims to foster long-lasting connections and support networks within the legal community.

Harvard African Law Association (HALA)

HALA gained formal recognition as a graduate student organization by Harvard Law School on November 6, 2001. Since its establishment, HALA has grown in membership and expanded its scope, emerging as a prominent forum within the Harvard community for discussion, celebration, and exploration of all Africa-related issues.

The association’s inaugural event, the African Business Roundtable and alumni reunion, took place on April 12, 2002, marking a significant milestone for HALA. Motivated by the increasing number of continental Africans joining the Harvard Law School student body, HALA has played a crucial role in providing a space for students to engage with African perspectives and deepen their understanding of the continent.

Empowering Students to Explore Africa’s Legal Landscape

To learn more about the Harvard African Law Association and its initiatives, visit their official website at HALA continues to empower students, foster dialogue, and promote a comprehensive understanding of Africa’s legal, social, and economic landscape within the Harvard community.