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Nigeria Wholesale Buyers, Bulk Suppliers & Importers

Find Wholesale Buyers, Suppliers & Importers in Nigeria

Is your company looking for wholesale buyers, trade suppliers and bulk importers in Nigeria? 

Africa Import Export can help your business to set up, start or develop profitable and lucrative wholesale business opportunities in Nigeria and West Africa.

We are looking for commercial, trading and investment opportunities with business partners in Abuja,  Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Ogbomosho, Port Harcourt, Benin, Maiduguri, Zaria, Aba, Jos, Ilorin, Oyo, Enugu and Abeokuta

Imports, Exports & Business Investments in Nigeria

The economy of Nigeria is dominated by crude oil and petroleum, along with manufacturing and processing industries and agriculture

Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa, and amongst the six largest producers in the world, with a reserve of over 20 billion barrels. Nigeria is a leading member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Nigeria is rich in mineral and resource deposits, including: uranium, gold, coal, diamond and other precious stones, iron-ore, lead, zinc, tin, magnesium, niobium, and Nigeria is the leading producer of columbite in the world.

Rice, cassava, yams, cocoyams, sweet potatoes, sorghum, millet, beans, corn, peanuts, cocoa, plantains, palm oil and kernel, kolanuts, a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, goats, sheep, cattle and other livestock, fish, prawns and sea foods are farmed for sale in the domestic market and for export to countries abroad.

The major industries in Nigeria include: drinks, textiles, cement and bricks, food, timber, aluminium, leather, plants; along with coal, diamond, and gold mining; also crude oil exploration and refinery. Crude oil and petroleum products constitute the principal exports of Nigeria.

Wholesale Buyers, Bulk Suppliers & Importers in Nigeria

We wish to contact manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesale buyers, trade distributors, sales agents and bulk suppliers in Nigeria. Register your company details below to receive FREE export import sales leads for your industry, product or country:

Find Wholesale Buyers In Nigeria

The best business investments and export opportunities in Nigeria include solar, renewable energy, fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, internet, mobile, ICT, IT, heavy machinery, building, construction and civil engineering materials and equipment.

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