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Electrical Fly Killers For Sale – Electric Grid, Fan & Glue Board Fly Killer Sales

Electric Insect Zappers & Fly Killers for Pest Control

Are pesky flies and insects wreaking havoc in your home or business? Say goodbye to buzzing nuisances with our range of electric fly killers and plug-in zappers, designed to zap flying pests and keep your space bug-free. Whether you’re in need of domestic solutions for your home or commercial-grade equipment for your business, we’ve got you covered with the best fly zappers for sale.

Best Domestic Fly Zappers

Tired of swatting flies and spraying toxic chemicals around your home? Our range of electric insect killers offers a safe and effective solution for residential use. From houses and apartments to balconies and patios, our domestic fly zappers are ideal for eliminating flying pests without the need for harmful sprays. Keep your living spaces clean and comfortable with our reliable bug zappers.

Best Commercial Fly Zappers

In commercial settings where hygiene and customer satisfaction are paramount, our commercial fly killers are essential for maintaining a pest-free environment. Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, retail sector, or food service business, our commercial-grade fly zappers are designed to tackle flying insects with ease. Say goodbye to pesky flies in restaurants, kitchens, catering units, and more with our high-quality fly killing solutions.

Electric Fly Killers For Sale

Take advantage of our limited-time offer on electric fly killers, available from June 1st to July 31st, 2021. Choose from a variety of models, including:

  • Electric Grid Fly Killer 16W Mod. Thunder: Highly effective professional fly killer with two ultraviolet lamps and a removable tray for easy cleaning. Only €19.50.
  • Electric Grid Fly Killer 30W Mod. Thunder: Powerful fly killer with two ultraviolet lamps and a removable tray. Ideal for commercial use. Only €24.00.
  • Electric Fly Killer Fan Trap Mod. Trapper: Utilizes UV-A light and a fan to attract and trap flying insects. 360° effectiveness. Only €28.50.
  • And many more options available at competitive prices!

Consultancy Services for West African Markets

In addition to offering top-of-the-line fly killing solutions, Africa Import Export provides consultancy services for businesses looking to enter or expand into the West African market. From supplier selection and contract negotiation to customs clearance and distribution, our experienced team offers comprehensive guidance to ensure your success in West Africa.

Get Started Today

Ready to take control of your pest problem or explore business opportunities in West Africa? Contact us today to learn more about our electric fly killers for sale and consultancy services. Simply fill out the form below to get in touch with our team of experts. Say goodbye to flies and hello to a cleaner, pest-free environment with our reliable solutions.

Electric Insect Zappers & Fly Killers For Sale

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