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E Mail Marketing Services

The email or newsletter marketing service can be tailored precisely to your needs, handling as little or as much of the process you require in each issue, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly.

How do you track results?

We are able to place a hidden image or element on the page that will identify when an item has been opened and notify our tracking system, passing the information stored in the email software about the computer, email address etc.

At the same time we can track which items the user clicks on, results to a survey etc, in real time by passing hidden information contained within the link code to the web page as the button is clicked, storing it in a database which is used to provide the detailed reports compiled by our tracking system.

Can you still track results in a plain text email?

Yes, to a certain extent. You can track which items the user clicks on by sending them to the intended website page via a hidden page allowing you to count their clickthroughs before forwarding them to the correct location.

The problem with plain text emails is that the link has to be contained in full to work without the user having to copy 2 lines of code into the browser window before they reach the site. As the amount of information required increases the length of the link, it needs to be taken into account when setting up the plain text email.

Can you help me build a customer email list?

Yes. There are a number of ways to gather email addresses from customers and prospects alike, the simplest being the inclusion of a form on your website to enable visitors to subscribe to your

However, to make the process most effective, you need to look at all areas of interaction with customers, building into your own strategy the objectives of gathering addresses and supplying reasons to request further emailed information. Contact Search and Submit about building an email database.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is the term used to describe the action of one person receiving a promotional email or information and then forwarding it to a friend or colleague. Thus, your message is spread like a virus.

To achieve such results, the email/information needs to be deemed important and relevant to both the original recipient and future
recipients, a key part of developing an effective eNewsletter.

Why can some customers receive graphic emails and others only text?

Not all email software can receive graphic emails (commonly known as HTML emails). Some older software does not recognise this sort of email. In addition some organisations and individuals purposely
choose not to receive this type of email because it takes longer to download and it is more difficult to ensure that the content complies with internal policies.

It is important that you bear this in mind when developing a promotional email and ensure that you choose a supplier that is able to deliver both types of email simultaneously to ensure maximum readership.

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