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E Mail Marketing Campaigns


Make sure email marketing campaigns can be received

Research has shown that between 50% and 70% of all e-mail users can receive HTML (graphic) emails and in theory a reasonable proportion of these can receive more sophisticated emails containing rich media (emails containing flash animation or video).

However, in practice this isn’t the case. The wide variety of operating systems, internet service providers and email clients means that even when a recipient has the appropriate software to receive rich text emails, other factors can still make it a hit and miss affair.

In general, unless you have researched your target audience thoroughly and provided examples at the subscription stage you should stick to mid-range technology, sending both a plain text version and a HTML version out simultaneously.

You should also ensure that the broadcasting software used has the ability to automatically detect which type of email can be received and delivers accordingly.

Make it worth the wait

The development of HTML or graphic property email or estate agents newsletter can significantly improve the success of the campaign and have a marked impact on clickthroughs. However, users expect this type of email to be good, especially if they have to wait for it to download. So if your email is not thought through properly at the design stage, and the images too large, the email will take an age to download and the user will unsubscribe the instantly.

Make it easy to opt out

Nobody likes to lose subscribers, but making it difficult to opt out is not the answer. Firstly you will damage your reputation. Secondly you will damage your reputation and finally you will damage your reputation.

And Lets face it, if they wish to opt out, they are not interested in the information received. Not removing them from one list will simply anger them and preclude you from sending offers/information from other lists.

Say something meaningful in your email marketing

People are only willing to accepts information that is meaningful to them. 100% self-promotion is often the speediest way to the delete key. This is not to say that you should not use direct  email or marketing newsletter to promote your products and services.

Research shows that users are prepared to accept advertising and self-promoting property email or estate agents newsletter containing special offers and product updates etc. However, the most successful campaigns combine information that is meaningful and pertinent
to the recipient with subtle promotion.

It stands to reason that if you tell someone something that they didn’t
know they are much more likely to read on. Give the right information and you are perceived as an authority, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Track the results of email marketing campaigns

There’s little point in going to all the effort of generating lists,
developing whizzy HTML emails and mailing them to even the most targeted recipients if you do not utilise information that is so readily available to track readers’ habits, interests and dislikes.

There is no better way of improving marketing material over the course
of a campaign than analyzing the activities of the recipients themselves.

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