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Business Lawyers In Africa – Debt Collection & Asset Recovery

Business Lawyers Debt Collection & Recovery

Our business lawyers offer buainess debt collection and asset recovery legal services for banks,  companies, organisations and institutions in Gambia, West Africa.  We can collect bad business debts and bring in the payments for you while you concentrate on making your company a success.

Whether you are collecting a debt us as an individual or on behalf of your company one of our advisers will be able to help and your call will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Recover Property & Collect Business Debts

Bad debts in your business represent “dead money” which could be converted into cash. Unless a Debtor responds to reasonable requests for payment, the only lawful course of action open to a Creditor is to seek redress through civil legal proceedings.

The majority of old debts are settled after a formal “letter before action” requesting a debtor pays within a specified time. In many cases simply instructing our Debt Collection Department to write this letter will be enough to make the debtor pay.

If it becomes necessary to issue proceedings to recovery the debt we will go through the procedure, time frame and costs with you in detail. This will allow you to assess whether it is a debt worth pursuing or one that is better written off.

Court Proceedings for Asset & Debt Recovery

We pride ourselves on getting to know both you and your debtors thus enabling us to collect monies owed in a prompt, cost effective and professional manner.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The nature of business leads to problems, arguments & disputes from time to time.  Business disputes can be costly both in terms of the cost of resolving the matter and the time taken by the management to deal with the issues

As soon as you become involved in dispute you should contact a specialist business lawyer or solicitor to obtain advice on your legal position.  It is important not to jeopardising your position through lack of legal knowledge.

Business or Company Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation Department has a wealth of experience which can be put to your advantage in a dispute.  We aim to resolve any litigation as quickly and cost effectively as possible, so ensuring the best possible outcome of your company.

It is of course always better to prevent litigation from occurring, and working with our Commercial Property, Employment Law and Debt Recovery Departments can help to resolve matters before they become a problem.

Court Proceedings in West Africa

If you are having problems or disputes with your business in West Africa & need legal advice please phone, email or write

Starting Or Developing A Business in Africa?

African Importers On FacebookWe advise international buyers, sellers, importers and exporters on the best bank instruments and payment terms for the profitable export, import, marketing, sales and distribution of products and goods in West Africa.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding starting, set up or develop an import export  business or to discuss trade investment opportunities in West Africa.

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