UK Africa Trade & Business Opportunities

Post Brexit UK Africa Trade & Business Investments

The United Kingdom is the second largest investor in trade in Africa, to the tune of $36.8 billion. How will the UK’s exit from the European Union impact trade relations with the continent?

UK Trade Commissioner for Africa Emma Wade-Smith said ‘The UK will concentrate on building its stock of investments and growing Africa’s exports in order to narrow the deficit.We are working on bringing more investors to the continent to support African businesses to increase exports not just to the UK but also within Africa.

We want to boost intra-Africa trade by bringing down trade barriers and building a strong market for African products.One of the opportunities that the Brexit affords us is increased interest from UK companies in Africa as they have to expand outside their normal trading blocs.

Post Brexit, we will be in a position to have an independent trade policy that offers room for a lot of improvements from current arrangements.

Shipping Cars & Vans To Ports In Nigeria

Our RoRo and container car shipping team can arrange the best quotes, lowest prices and cheapest rates for shipping cars, vans, buses, trucks, lorries and other vehicles to the main cities in Nigeria such as Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Ogbomosho, Port Harcourt, Benin, Maiduguri, Zaria, Aba, Jos, Ilorin, Oyo, Enugu and Abeokuta

Shipping cars to Nigeria is relatively straight forward, however, accidents can happen while out to sea. Ships WILL rock and your vehicle may shift on deck or packed inside a container if not packed properly.

As courtesy, we will provide the optional Marine Insurance in the quote. You do not have to get it, but we provide it to cover any damages while shipping cars, vans, buses, trucks, lorries and other vehicles to Nigeria.



Ship Recycling & Repairs In West African Ports

Ship Recycling, Ship Building & Ship RepairNARAYAN ENTERPRISE established as a proprietorship concern in 1997 and started its business of exporting of second hand ship machinery and spares from the Indian Ship Recycling Yards. Now we are one of leading stockiest and exporters of new/Recondition/Used marine equipment and spares, based at Asia’s biggest Ship Recycling Yard named “Alang Ship Recycling Yard”, in Gujarat state, West Cost of India.

Provide Quality and Professional Services timely to our customers in the Marine Industry. It is our Vision to serve our customers best maintaining a high quality commercial position, personal relations and confirming the quality services.

It is our mission to develop with our customers a worldwide network capable of providing best quality service to our customers at their door.

It is our mission to assist and join hands with those who are ready to develop shipbuilding and ship repair business nearby Alang ship recycling yard, west cost of India in Gujarat costal. Availability of materials, power, labor, water supply, good Government support etc offers good opportunity to develop shipbuilding and ship repairing industry with natural shore.

Special Know How :

We have good business relations with suppliers of Re-usable marine spares and equipment from international ship recycling yards also and import from these countries to meet the varying needs of our customers.

We are the very first company, among those from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan ship breaking yards, who have exported complete accommodation equipment and Bridge Room equipment supplied in one time more than (210,000 Kgs) 210 Mt to one of the American shipping.

We have a lot of experience in handling ship accommodation, antique items, Safety, Galley equipment from Demo vessels how to remove, how to transport to final destination with fastest and cheapest way.

Narayan Marine Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Business Suite No. 810, 8th floor, Signature – I,
Next to Divya Bhaskar Press,
Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Makarba,
Ahmedabad – 380051
Gujarat, India.

Phone No. : +91 79 40300100 / 29702171
Email :

Exporting To Africa – Research & Diligence

Exporting To Africa – Export Market Research & Due Diligence

We provide the professional input, research, reporting and advice to ensure that the investor is fully aware and that risks are kept to a minimum. We also provide full supervision, reporting and accountability during the implementation of any particular export marketing project.

We advise on the procedures and processes for the profitable export, import, sales and distribution of products and goods Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

We can advise on including  supplier selection, sourcing trading partners, contract negotiation, favourable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, licensing, customs clearance, warehousing, sales and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for your company.

Advantages of Exporting To West African Markets

  • Market suitability. Some products might be more suited to certain overseas markets than others. This might perhaps best be illustrated in terms of luxury goods which the domestic market might not be able to afford but which might find a ready audience in more affluent locations.
  • Currency benefits. Changes in exchange rates can prove advantageous when selling to a customer against whose currency sterling is weak.
  • Protection against a downturn in the domestic market.
  • Protection in the event of world recession since it is unlikely that all countries will be equally effected.
  • Economies of scale from manufacturing in larger batches.

Disadvantages of Exporting To West African Markets

  • Sometimes higher costs of travelling abroad to obtain orders. High management fees, shipping charges, agent’s fees, etc., can sometimes increase the exporter’s prices to a level which makes goods and services uncompetitive in overseas markets.
  • Market unsuitability. Different cultures, customs and languages can all present problems to the exporter and can mean that a product and service suitable in the UK has virtually no market abroad.
  • Import rules and regulations vary between countries. Sometimes rules change rapidly and dramatically.
  • Shipping rules and regulations can prove complicated and represent a vast body of knowledge which the exporter will at least have to familiarise him or herself with.
  • Currency. That earlier advantage of a strong currency in exchange for a weak sterling might in alternative circumstances prove detrimental to the exporter.


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Pfanner Fruit Juices On Sale In Gambia

Pfanner produces about 210 different products, whereby fruit juices make up the most known articles. In addition ice teas, lemonades and further soft drinks are produced.

Apart from filling juices for the Pfanner brand, the company also offers contract bottling services.

Pfanner started a cooperation with Fairtrade in 2001.

Today Pfanner is the biggest Fairtrade-partner in the sector of fruit juices worldwide and offers the widest range of fair-traded products according to company-related reports.

Building & Construction Machinery Sales

Second Hand & Used Construction Machinery For Sale In China

Road Building & Construction Machinery For SaleShanghai Yangsong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest used road building and construction machinery company in China.

First-class service team will inevitably bring you to your first class level of service.

We have nearly 20 years of used road building and construction machinery export experience and have more than 500 units of Construction machines, include bulldozers, excavators, cranes, loaders, backhoe loaders, forklifts, rollers and land levellers of famous brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kobelco, Kawasaki, Tadano, Kato, Hitachi, Bomag, Grove, Volvo and so on.

We sincerely look forward to your call.

Shanghai Yangsong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
No.3000 South Hongmei Road,
Minghang District, Shanghai,

Name: David Liu
Tel: +86-021-54847703
Mobile: +86-15000466571

We supply the following used road building and construction machines:

Truck Crane

  •  KATO:NK200E, NK250E, NK300E, NK400E, NK500E, NK800E, NK1000, NK1200, NK1200E
  • TADANO: TG250, TL250, TL250E, TL300E, TG300E, TG350E, TG450E, GT550E, TG550E, TG650E, GT650E, TG1000E, TG1200E, TG1200M, TG1600M
  • DEMAG: AC265 100ton
  • GROVE: 80ton, 100ton, 115ton, 120ton, 270ton, 300ton, 320ton

 Rough terrain Crane

  • KATO: KR25H, KR45H, KA300, SS500.KR250E, KR450
  • TADANO: KR250E,KR350E, TR250M, TR300M, AZ300D, AR350, TR450E, TR500M

Crawler Crane

  • HITACHI:KH700, KH120T, KH125, KH150, KH180
  • KOBELCO: 50T, 100T, 120T, 300T
  • UMITOMO:50T, 100T, 200T


  • Hitachi: EX100, EX100WD, EX120, EX200, EX200LC, EX220, EX300, EX350, EX450, ZX70, ZX120, ZX150, ZX220, ZX270, ZX450
  • Caterpillar:200, 235, 305, 307, 312, 320, 330, 324, 325, 345 (From Model B to Model D)
  • Komatsu: PC50, PC60, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC300, PC350, PC400, PC450
  • Kobelco: SK100, SK120, SK200, SK350
  • Daewoo: DH55, 60, 130, 150, 220, 225, 300
  • Hyundai: 130w, 150w, 200, 210, 220, 225, 290, 305
  • Volvo: EC210, 220, 240,270,300,460


  • Caterpillar:916, 924, 928, 936, 938, 950, 966, 980, 988 (From Model C to Model H)
  • Komatsu: WA100, 230, 250, 300, 320, 350, 360, 380, 400, 420,450, 470,500,600
  • Kawasaki: 65,70, 70B, 80Z, 85Z, 90, 90Z, 95Z
  • Backhoe Loader: JCB3CX, JCB4CX, CAT436


  • Komatsu: D50P, D60P, D65, D85, D155
  • Caterpillar: D6D, D6H, D6R, D6G, D7H, D7G, D7R, D8K, D8R, D8N, D8L, D9N, D9R, D10N

Motor Grader

  • Caterpillar: 12G, 14G, 120G, 140G, 16G, 140H, 160H, 140K
  • Komatsu: GD511A, 605A, 623,661,605

Road roller

  •  DYNAPAC:CA25, CA30,CA251, CA511,CC211 Serials
  • BOMAG: 213, 217, 219, 225 Serials


  • Komatsu, Toyota, TCM, Heli, Mitsubish (From 2.5 ton to 30 ton)

UK Exports To West African Markets

Post Brexit UK Exports To Emerging West African Markets

The West African market has over 270 million consumers and offers real business opportunities for exporting companies looking to increase sales and expand into new and emerging markets. We advise international businesses, companies and corporations on the procedures and processes for the profitable export, import,  marketing, sales and distribution of services, products and goods into West Africa

We offer legal and business consultancy services on every aspect of importing, exporting, shipping and distributing into West African countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

Identifying Import Export Opportunities & Threats In West Africa

Our business consulting services will help you set up your West African importing or exporting operation properly from the start, can help you avoid delays, and will streamline your supply chain giving your company the edge you need to compete throughout the West African sub region

We can help you analyse the factors that provide te context for planning effective commercial investments and business strategies, and in particular the analysis of those factors peculiar to West Africa which give rise to opportunities and threats.

Once having made as reliable an assessment as possible of the suitability of your product or service to the markets in West Africa, then comes the decision as to exactly how marketing will take place. The range of possible options include: agents, distributors, selling direct, collaborative projects and trade shows

It Costs Nothing To Talk. So Let’s Talk

We offer consultancy services on every aspect of importing, exporting and distributing into the West African market, including supplier selection, sourcing trading partners, contract negotiation, favourable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, licensing, customs clearance, warehousing, sales and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for your company

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Cheapest Cargo, Shipping & Freight Insurance

Marine cargo insurance covers the risks of loss, damage, expense and liability to your heavy equipment or machinery engine parts or components during transportation as cargo from one place to another place.

Our affilliated cargo insurance brokers offer the best international air, road, maritime, marine, freight and cargo insurance quotes and import export insurance cover for all aspects of freight liability, removers and storage companies, goods in transit and marine cargo risks, especially for larger and unusual transportation and transit insurance risks.

Cheapest Cargo, Shipping & Freight Insurance Quotes

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PV Solar Power Investments in Africa

Renewable Energy & Solar Power Investments In Africa

Solar power in Africa has the potential to provide all of the world’s energy yet some 600 million people in Africa live without reliable access to electricity, according to the International Finance Corp, a division of the World Bank. Now, some of the world’s biggest energy companies are conducting projects to test the viability—and marketability—of solar-powered systems to provide electricity for lighting and other purposes in villages all over Africa.

Renewable energy companies hope to sell PV solar panels, batteries and solar energy generation systems to governments and nonprofits, which could use them to provide power to villages at a discount or for no charge. The systems cost less than it would to expand traditional power grids—offering a relatively swift, economical way to boost living standards.

South Africa already supports solar power with guarantees that the state-backed utility will buy the output of large-scale solar-energy plants at a favorable price. It also offers subsidies to homeowners who buy solar water-heating systems and the government is interested in similar programs for other solar power applications, including water pumps and lighting systems.

The IFC sees the potential for solar power companies to start racking up double-digit annual gains in sales of off-grid lighting systems by 2015. The market’s size will depend on the willingness of governments and nonprofits to invest on a larger scale in off-grid power systems

Follow the link for more info on the building and construction of solar power systems in Africa

Best African Markets For Investments

Top Import Export Business Investments In Africa

There are too few places where entrepreneurs and businesses with ideas and an appetite for risk can bring value and find long-term growth if they are persistent, creative and determined.

Africa is seeing a returning diaspora that recognizes the potential and opportunities in their own countries. This population supports local economic growth with their skills and talent, by acting as “first movers”, investing back in their communities.

At the same time, African countries are beginning to place bets on non-commodity areas where they can be competitive. And they are packaging themselves to appeal to a broader set of investors.

Please contact us for more information on solar, renewable energy, fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, internet, mobile, ICT, IT, heavy machinery, civil engineering and infrastructure investments in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Ghana, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

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