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Africa Import Export – West African Business Investments & Market Research

Import Export Business Investments & Market Research

Africa Import Export work with wholesale buyers, trade distributors and bulk importers in the healthcare, renewable energy, fashion, lifestyle, FMCG, internet, mobile, heavy machinery, civil engineering and infrastructure markets

We advise companies on the best ways to launch brands and develop profitable business interests in West Africa.

Our clients are companies in the USA, UK, UAE, Europe, South America, Turkey, India and China. We help them to identify the best trade and business opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Renewable Energy Importers In AfricaRenewable & Solar Energy Equipment Investments

In renewable energy, technology, supply chain, design and installation, Africa has the ability to look at what works elsewhere. Africa can fashion its own renewable energy solutions be it solar power, hydro, wind or bio mass electricity generatiing systems. Africa can openly embrace renewable energy technology and the latest innovative development ideas, with no historical imprint from which to break free.

Bulk Medecine Importers In AfricaMedical Supply & Healthcare Equipment Investments

Health is becoming big business in Africa as African countries urbanise. Disease patterns are changing and more people are becoming able to pay for healthcare or buy health insurance. Investment opportunities exist in care delivery, medical supply and distribution. Most African healthcare systems are developing from a woefully low base. Those who can afford treatment often travel to India, Turkey and Europe.

Fashion, Retail & Lifestyle Buyers In AfricaFMCG, Household, Clothing & Fashion Retail Investments

With the growth of Africa’s middle class, we’re seeing the development of new aspirations and expectations. Educated, urban professionals are young, brand-aware and sophisticated in terms of their consumption. Retailers and consumer brands need to anticipate and drive buying preferences in FMCG, fashion, home and lifestyle products. But they need international standard supply chains if they are to meet demand.

Internet, Mobile & ITC Buyers In AfricaMobile, IT, Digital, Tech & Consumers Electronics Markets 

Africa is witnessing an information technology (IT) or digital revolution that is transforming traditional ways of business and service delivery. IT is a leading enabler in the new economy and is bringing about efficiency, productivity and employment. IT is transforming social service delivery in health, education, culture and environmental management.

Heavy Machinery Importers In AfricaHeavy Trucks, Construction & Road Building Machinery

Massive investment is leading to major upgrades and expansion at African ports and airports. However Africa’s growth potential depends on local, national and regional road, rail and air connections. Roads and rail lines are sparse, decrepit and over-burdened. Africa’s lack of efficient storage and distribution infrastructure hinders businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers.

Finding Wholesale Buyers and Bulk Importers in West African Markets

Third World and developing countries present particular problems when it comes to importing and exporting. Import export payment facilities and procedures are rarely uncomplicated and locating and managing suitable sales and distribution channels in West Africa can prove difficult, time-consuming and costly

Through our export sales, marketing and distribution services we can work hand in hand with your company to introduce or grow your business in Nigeria.

How We Can Save You Time & Money

Does your company have goods, products or services that you think will sell in Nigeria or in any other west African country?

Do you need help finding bulk importers, wholesale buyers, trade suppliers, distributors, joint ventures or business partners in Africa?

Why not contact Africa Import Export with your product information and allow us to do the work on your behalf?

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Where To Find Wholesale Buyers & Customers In West Africa

Africa Import Export provide the professional input, research, reporting and advice to ensure that the export marketing campaign is a success and that risks are kept to a minimum. We also provide full supervision, reporting and accountability during the implementation of any particular export marketing project.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding starting, set up or develop an import export  business. Or to discuss trade investment opportunities in West Africa.

Finding Wholesale Buyers and Bulk Importers in West Africa

Our import export sales, marketing and trading services can build your brand, generate more quality leads and increase sales in your targeted niche or West African market? read how to grow your import export business across West Africa.

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