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African Society of International Law (AfSIL)

The African Society of International Law (AfSIL) stands as a dynamic network comprising practitioners, scholars, technocrats, and students who actively engage with international law within an African context. AfSIL aims to amplify the voice of African states and individuals in the realm of international law while fostering inquiry, exchanging ideas, and encouraging innovation in the development and implementation of international law throughout the continent.

African Society of International Law (AfSIL)

With a core mission to promote and support the study and practice of international law in Africa, AfSIL provides a platform for practitioners and scholars to collaborate, share knowledge, and shape the future of international law on the continent.

Through various initiatives, AfSIL seeks to strengthen Africa’s position within the international legal framework and contribute to the advancement of international law as it relates to the African context.

African Society of International Law Key Objectives

Amplifying the Voice of African States and Africans in International Law:

AfSIL aims to provide a platform for African states and individuals to assert their perspectives, concerns, and interests within the realm of international law. By amplifying their voices, AfSIL seeks to foster a more inclusive and balanced international legal system that takes into account Africa’s unique circumstances and aspirations.

Fostering Inquiry, Exchange of Ideas, and Innovation in African International Law:

AfSIL encourages critical thinking, academic research, and scholarly exchange on international law as it is practiced and implemented in Africa. By promoting rigorous inquiry and innovation, AfSIL aims to contribute to the development of a robust African jurisprudence within the international legal framework.

Promoting and Supporting the Study and Practice of International Law on the Continent:

AfSIL is committed to advancing the study and practice of international law within Africa. The society provides resources, guidance, and opportunities for students, practitioners, and aspiring international lawyers to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field.

Sharing Information on International Law Opportunities:

AfSIL serves as a hub for disseminating information on various international law opportunities such as scholarships, internships, speaking engagements, publications, and employment. By sharing these opportunities, AfSIL seeks to empower its members and the wider African legal community to engage more actively in international legal practice and scholarship.

Celebrating Accomplishments in International Law:

AfSIL recognizes and celebrates the achievements of its members in the field of international law. By acknowledging their contributions, AfSIL aims to inspire and motivate future generations of African international lawyers to make significant impacts in the discipline.

Strengthening Africa’s Engagement with International Law

If you are interested in getting involved with AfSIL or learning more about their initiatives, contact them today at or visit their official website at

AfSIL is at the forefront of promoting Africa’s engagement with international law, driving innovation, and fostering collaboration among legal practitioners, scholars, technocrats, and students. By strengthening Africa’s presence within the international legal arena, AfSIL is making significant strides towards ensuring that Africa’s unique perspectives and interests are recognized and valued in the global community.