Marketing Plans For Post Brexit Trade With Africa

Firstly setting the strategy with budgets, timescales, audiences, methods of reaching them etc, then putting the post Brexit export, trade & marketing plan into action.

Strong, consistent and ultimately successful marketing is never achieved with a piecemeal approach. Harnessing all the statistics, competitor knowledge and market understanding, we work with you to construct a practical, clear-thinking and comprehensive post Brexit strategy to market your company in West Africa, which could include any or all of the following:

Routes to market and marketing opportunities – A clear method of approach to each customer type in each industry sector in which you operate.

Defined prospect/customer contacts database – A defined customer/prospect profile and database including names, type of contact and their buying power and industry sectors.

Partnership opportunities – Identification of marketing partners and method of approach to secure long-term sales growth through strategic links with third parties.

New business opportunities – Presentation of a business plan and feasibility study with implementation strategy for any new business opportunities that may arise as a result of our marketing research and analysis.

Marketing timescales and budget allocation – Based on agreed budgets, we will set out a detailed allocations to achieve the aims and objectives of each area of the marketing plan.

Marketing aims, objectives, targets – Armed with understanding of the market potential, we will stipulate clear aims for each aspect of the marketing strategy including response and growth targets.

Marketing assessment and performance indicators – To ensure that the marketing strategy is implemented efficiently, budgets are adhered to and targets met, we will develop a process of evaluation and a method of quantifying performance.

Marketing implementation – Firstly setting the marketing strategy with budgets, timescales, audiences, methods of reaching them etc, then putting the plan into action.

So, you’ve analysed the market, examined the competitors and assessed the buying potentials. You know the ways to reach your targets, which buttons to press and how to subtly gain their respect. It’s all there in black and white in a post Brexit strategy document – and all you need is to put it into action.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But consistency of implementation is vital to gain good results from your strategy. Managing and implementing a marketing plan takes a great deal of effort and thoroughness that you may not have the time for. That’s where we can make all the difference. We have all the skills and resources to apply your strategy consistently, coherently and creatively across all media, including:

  • Design and production
  • Implementation and fulfillment
  • Follow up and response handling
  • Database management

…and general management of post Brexit marketing communications materials and media so that the plan on paper becomes a reality, and so do the results of talking consistently and coherently to your audiences.