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Post Brexit Trade Opportunities In West AfricaWest Africa’s potential market of over 270 million consumers, offers the best post Brexit commercial & trade investment opportunities for businesses and companies looking for new and emerging markets.

We believe the growing purchasing power of the West African middle class will be the strongest and most persistent driver of investment in the region over the coming decades.

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Our post Brexit trade strategy is to invest in industries such as energy, financials, telecom, consumer goods, healthcare, food and beverage, utilities and infrastructure in sub-Saharan West Africa market

We work with companies, businesses, corporations and investors who: wish to capitalize on the growth in Africa, can tolerate the inevitable ups and downs in African markets, and who are looking to maintain a long-term post Brexit investment position on the continent

Post Brexit Renewable Energy Opportunities In AfricaRenewable Energy Investments In Africa – In energy, technology, supply chain design and other areas, Africa has the ability to look at what works elsewhere then fashion its own renewable energy solutions.

Africa can openly embrace renewable energy technology and the latest innovative  development  ideas, with no historical imprint from which to break free.

Post Brexit Retail & Lifestyle Opportunities In AfricaRetail, Lifestyle & Fashion Investments – With the growth of Africa’s middle class, we’re seeing the development of new aspirations and expectations.

Educated, urban professionals are young, brand-aware and sophisticated in terms of their consumption.

Retailers and consumer brands need to anticipate and drive buying preferences in fashion, home and lifestyle products, but they know they need international standard supply chains if they are to meet demand.

Post Brexit Mobile & ITC Opportunities In AfricaInternet, Mobile, ICT, IT & Tech Investments – Africa is witnessing an information technology (IT) or digital revolution that is transforming traditional ways of business and service delivery.

IT is a leading enabler in the new economy and is bringing about efficiency, productivity and employment and is transforming social service delivery in health, education, culture and environmental management.

Post Brexit Infrastructure Opportunities In AfricaInfrastructure Investment Opportunities – Massive investment is leading to major upgrades and expansion at African ports and airports, but Africa’s growth potential depends on local, national and regional road, rail and air connections.

Roads and rail lines are sparse, decrepit and over-burdened.  Africa’s lack of efficient storage and distribution infrastructure hinders businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers.

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